Tuesday, November 24, 2015

salt water

i didn't get any pictures today.  three nights in a row i've woken up from sleep feeling achy and flu-like.  last night i also had a sore throat so bad i had to go down and gargle salt water.  "what was that noise?" greg asked.  in the morning i was at a whisper and though my voice came back as the day went on, at 8:15 my sore throat is getting worse again.

that's my explanation for not leaving the house today and not taking pictures.  i spent most of the day feeling achy on the couch getting the article that i'm writing done.  but we were running dangerously low on groceries, william was still in borrowed boots, so greg came home early, heated up some frozen broth for me, made me lunch, and rode the bus into town to get the groceries and the boots.  then he picked up henry, brought him home and went out again to get william who was at a friend's house.  cool.  thanks greg!

i'm going to be better tomorrow.  i have two appointments outside the house, so i have no choice!

Monday, November 23, 2015

monday in snow

there was a mess of getting to school.  a mess of getting home.  but it was still a nice sight to look upon... 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

november snow

about a month ago i rallied hard for a trip to town to fit william for a new pair of snow boots.  i got outvoted that day and we didn't really think about it until last night when william had to play in the snow using his rain boots.  

so mid-morning we went out today to try to catch a bus for a trip to town to get the boots-- not having expected that the season's first snow would be such a whopper.  around two feet of snow fell yesterday.  

and we waited patiently enough until my phone and a passerby walking his dog told me that the bus was not coming.  it wouldn't be able to get up the hill past the bus stop and the one that tried had to be towed away.  so we went home, looked in the giveaway shed, found a pair that was too small, talked to a neighbor and borrowed a pair that he played in for the rest of the day.  when he came in for the last time, they were soaked.  in fact, anything that was worn outside long enough today came in soaked.  both boys snowsuits are soaked.  i found a pair of snow pants we'd brought from madison with one of our old neighbor's name written on them and put them on henry and later greg brought out a second winter coat for him to wear after the first got too wet.  i started to worry about what they would do tomorrow.  these snowsuits are slow to dry. i found another pair of snow pants for william, but the other winter suit we have for henry is too small and falling apart (might do in a pinch, but not ideal for this kind of weather) and the final pair of snow pants i'd been hoarding is a season too small.  but, by a stroke of luck (or something) when william and i went back out later in the day to stand at the bus stop for the second time without success, i decided to check in the giveaway shed again on our way back home, just in case we'd somehow missed a pair of boots.  no boots, but i found a size 4 snowsuit just waiting for henry.  

william, however, seems to be stuck with his rain boots until i can get to town tomorrow... 

we'll triple sock him tomorrow morning and maybe i can drop off some winter boots during school.  it's a parenting fail, but i don't think he's at risk of losing any toes.  

that's the apparel situation in the house.

you think you're prepared until you realize you forgot about the boots and the buses aren't running.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

saturday treat

it's been snowing since about 2:45 p.m. and hasn't stopped.  big, fluffy snowflakes.  it's nearly 8 hours later.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

10:54 p.m.

tomorrow it will snow.  tonight is cold and dry after what feels like a stretch of rainy weather.  in denmark there are only 10 more days of fall.  but going by the calendar means we will start spring 19 days earlier than waiting for the vernal equinox.

but it's all just technicalities anyway.  we'll judge the seasons by how they feel.  and tomorrow it will snow.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

rain, wind, and cows in your backyard

just before henry and i left for his preschool the skies darkened and it began to rain.  he insisted on taking me through the forest path to get to school so we could get out of the rain.  

here he is, rain coat over his winter coat, rain pants, rain boots, walking his bike up a steep path... 
here henry, here's what you can tell your grandkids you had to do to get to school when you were four.

what's at the top of the hill... sometimes around here, the top of the hill looks edge-of-the-earth-like (in a good way)...

back on the usual path, on my way home later that morning, there's a cow in someone's backyard.

i'll just make note that later in the afternoon it was very, very windy.  blow those mittens that henry didn't want to wear out of your bike basket windy.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

fear not

i'm realizing with some embarrassment that i didn't leave the house today except to walk up the little berm (if i'm using that landscaping term correctly) to go do my cooking duties at the common house.  it was mostly about onions today folks.  and apples. and peppers. and cucumbers.  but that was all after three p.m.  earlier, i stayed in and did some research for a second little article i will (pending my research) be writing on an upcoming election in denmark.  it pertains somewhat to family law, and as that was an old favorite of mine, it's kind of fun research.  i also did yoga because i vowed to do it at least twice this week.  i have been feeling extra achy and sore lately which is part of the reason i have been a bad blogger lately.  as someone who's had a rather serious disease, i think of myself as now extra willing to take on the minor colds and flus, not to mention more serious, yet preferably curable illnesses, with little complaint.  the problem is, after you've had a rather serious disease that can come back (or not!), seemingly at random, in a much more deadly form, interpreting those aches and pains, deciphering those minor illnesses from the big dreaded one, becomes a lot harder to do.  give me the flu by all means, but please, let me know it's just the flu.  so it becomes a bit of a mental exercise.  exercise in the sense that i cannot get lazy and let my thoughts go into overdrive.  i have to at least remember to tell myself that just because i'm thinking something, doesn't make it true.  at the same time, i do have to do the work of deciphering my aches and pains, as the manifestation of my fears is a bodily one (i think those were the words of my therapist... who i see about managing my fears while doing the work of deciphering the aches and pains).

a process...

that takes work...

to find and maintain a balance.